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Whosedatingwho com

won't be topping last year's record-breaking three engagements this time around.

This has been a huge frustration for many teachers and I.

I have a student who has missed 16 of those 28 days. This does not account for the 9 days he/she has shown up late.

He/she has been to my class on time only 11% since January 17How do I teach that student let alone grade him/her?

Recently, the students in the class have been commenting on his/her absence and saying things like, “oh, he’ll/she’ll still get to graduate because the school will just push him/her through”, “the school has graduated students who have missed more”, “maybe we should start to skip more school if nothing is going to happen”, “it’s not fair that he/she gets away with it”.

I never knew that one student, who is never in school, could negatively impact so many.

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