Who is wang lee hom dating totally thai dating

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Who is wang lee hom dating

Like Wang Lee Hom did for me, I hope he can keep promoting the good about China.Like me, he worked hard to discover China, and he found it in his culture and heritage.Could he quite possibly become the first Asian male celebrity to grace the big screen?And more importantly, a celebrity that breaks our current Asian stereotype of the middle-aged, kung-fu master (aka, Jackie Chan)?He not only sings, but he’s performed in and directed various films, the most famous being Ang Lee’s “Lust, Caution” (yes, he was the wimpy anti-Japanese rebel guy in the movie).

Last night, Shu Qi flew to Taiwan to meet with her lover.Coming to China was one of my dreams, but for many of my friends that I met in China theirs was just the opposite–getting the hell out.In those moments I started to doubt and wonder about just what I was doing. Listening to Wang Lee Hom reminded me of why I started studying Chinese in the first place.He’s starring in Michael Mann’s next big film, and he was working with famed pop star DJ Aviici on making a new album!If Wang Lee Hom were to star in a big blockbuster film–that DIDN’T suck–could he *actually* become famous in the states?

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