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Who is rachel nichols from espn dating

“This is television,” Caskey said, according to an HR transcript. It goes with the industry.” So, too, does media scrutiny.While executives were working behind the scenes to put out the fire of what would become an inferno of a scandal, The Post was hammering away at the workplace culture exposing the seedy shenanigans.It’s a dismal May morning in the City of Angels—closer to Heat’s icy-blue hellscape than the sun-soaked playground of Entourage—and the pall cast over the nation’s yoga and Botox capital has extended to the hallways of ESPN.Earlier that day, the news broke that the self-anointed “Worldwide Leader in Sports” had decided to part ways with its resident rabble-rouser, Bill Simmons, closing the door on a rocky 15-year relationship. to profile Simmons’s ESPN compadre, Michelle Beadle, who shakes her head despondently when I bring up the Simmons situation.“I’m actually a close friend who works with him on a frequent basis.” The Post reports followed a series of stories about how a creep videotaped ESPN reporter Erin Andrews through a hotel-room peephole.ESPN execs tried to punish The Post for its coverage by banning all of the newspaper’s reporters from appearing on any of its programs.“I told him I would come to his room to talk, after hearing his sob story about his failing marriage and miserable life, but just to talk,” Hundley said, according to Deadspin.“When I got there, he immediately came after me physically.

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“I got a suite.” After talking with her boss, Caskey, Hundley called Phillips and went to his hotel, where Hundley and the married Phillips got naked. Told me about how it was it OK, because how everybody at ESPN does this kind of thing.” Hundley said Phillips told her, “I will put in a good word for you” with her bosses.

Phillips masturbated, and launched into a conversation about how they could help each other out, the deposition said. Later, though, she would change her story, telling the human-resources department that Phillips sexually assaulted her.

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