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Who is mark sanchez dating

Mark Sanchez tossed 18 interceptions last season, but is it possible this New York Jets quarterback saved his worst decision for off the field?A new report claims Sanchez is dating Kim Kardashian. ” RELATED: Kate Upton: My ‘Dream’ Cover for ‘s Swimsuit Issue “Yeah, he is cute,” Upton admits. So, I went to all the games.” “So, now you’re dating him? The New York Jets lost out on any hope to make the playoffs last night when Sanchez threw four interceptions in an ugly 14-10 loss to the Tennessee Titans.

Mark Sanchez is back starting for a high-profile NFL team, which means he is in the spotlight again after being quiet for over a year while he was recovering from an injury.

Luckily for Sanchez, he’s no longer in New York and doesn’t have to deal with the tabloids reporting about his dating life.

In fact, we haven’t heard much about Sanchez with the ladies since his rear end was exposed in a random video that hit the net last year.

Mark Sanchez is single — and just looking to play football.

In his first press conference as a Denver Broncos player on Monday, he clarified an important point about his personal life. Jones: “He’s the kind of guy, one friend says, who gets invited to a White House state dinner and thinks it’s a steak dinner.

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If you care more about baseball than boobs, however, you might be screaming for Verlander to drop Kate like a hot rock.