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The lyrics may have weird twists, but they're not sung with the conviction to make you pay attention to anything other than the feel the words themselves give you. It doesn't even sound weird hearing 'sea monkeys', 'rifle in hand' and 'take out the garbage on Tuesday night' used in the same brief song, because just the right amount of emphasis is placed on the foggy guitars and sound of her voice against them.

(Brad Wood really needs to take a bow..on him in a sec.) The fact that the last half of the final track is completely instrumental, fading out like a peppy little jam session that stumbles and then picks up again, belies the seemingly-accepted view that this album is all about the words.5.

The "in" of "women in rock" has a contingent feel about it, an aura of something that will never be complete, never fully integrated with the whole."Divorce Song" even adds sleigh bells and a rather uplifting harmonica in the ending, as if this couple are destined to stay friends all along.The people who may resist listening to as a package both fun and comfortably sedate at the same time, easy to play the whole way through in almost any mood." Because I’m trying to place myself as the subject. (EDIT - November 9, 2011: And there's even a faint 'yeah!' in the left channel, just before the drums come in. One of Phair's assets as a songwriter here lies in her ability to make songs that seem conventionally-structured but don't quite go where you expect them to.

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A blogger who interviewed Phair wrote this: '..leans forward and touches my leg reassuringly, still fulfilling the unintentional promise she made to teenage girls so many years ago: that someone should and will listen to you.' Seriously? But I think we just liked the sound of the music and they way it was presented.

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