Who is kristin cavallari dating 2016

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Who is kristin cavallari dating 2016

I'm gonna kind of let you go, because I don't want to involve you in what's going on or about to happen.'" Cavallari, who is a mother of three children -- Camden, 3, Jaxon, 2, and Saylor, six months -- with husband Jay Cutler, still stays in touch with Patridge.

In fact, she was one of the first people to congratulate Patridge on the baby news! Every pregnancy is so different, but it's nice to talk to someone where they've actually been through it all." "[But] I almost feel like maybe I wouldn't change anything," Patridge added, telling ET it would probably take the excitement out of everything.

Patridge reminded us that her Australian fiancé actually made a few appearances on "Corey was on the show for a hot second," she dished.

"Lauren and I were living in the apartment together and we were having a Halloween party and I invited Corey.

We all know there is VERY little reality in any reality TV!

That doesn't mean we don't enjoy watching those reruns any less though! From parties in hotel rooms (with definitely no alcohol in those red cups) to fashion shows and cat fights (Kristin Cavallari, we're looking at you) there was a hell of a lot more going on over that side of the pond than there was in your life. Having reached their late twenties, the former rich teens are all grown up.We're well aware of what LC gets up to these days, having starred in spin-off series The Hills and achieved a successful career in fashion, but what about the rest of them?He's currently single as far as we're aware, but he did date Hayden Panattiere for two years from 2006, so that's something.Since filming of Laguna Beach and The Hills finished, Kristin has managed to stay fairly in the spotlight.

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At the time, Justin and I had broken up and Corey was single, so I was like, 'Oh I'm going to invite Corey and his Australian friends to our party.'" "Lauren was just like, 'Yeah, do it, let's invite 'em! "We invited them, and that's when Corey first came up and kind of hung out with all of us.