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A Formula 1 car has six seat belts and it’s thanks to them that we are safe in case of an accident.It would be crazy not to wear the belts or a helmet.On 24 April 2005, Alonso definitively threw down the gauntlet, aspiring to be crowned the Formula One king.His victory at San Marino, holding off Schumacher’s advances for 12 laps, resonated with special symbolism.If you’re smoking or talking on the phone, you are not aware of everything; it’s very misleading. Drive through the ruts previously left by other vehicles.If you have to descend a slope, do it in a very slow speed and use the brakes as little as possible.

Inspired by Lara’s look, we’ve sourced some fab options- check out our edit in the carousel below!

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Ok, we’re going to say it, Fernando Alonso’s new girlfriend Lara Alvarez is smoking hot!

He won, starting from fifth position on the grid, making the best comeback ever seen on the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya.

On 24 June 2012, Fernando Alonso achieved his first victory on the Valencia Street Circuit.

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