Who is ed on bachelor pad dating

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She’ll be an amazing mom.” that they had been back together for a few months and “being away from the public eye” was beneficial to their relationship.

It seems that Molzahn had marriage and children on her mind when she stated.

's villain this season may have been Chris Bukowski, but on Monday's penultimate episode, it was Rachel Trueheart who stabbed her BFF Jaclyn Swartz in the back.

Teamed up with Nick Petersen as things began, Trueheart and her partner beat out Swartz and Ed Swiderski plus Bukowski and Sarah Newlon during s final karaoke-themed competition — earning the right to choose which couple they'll bring to the Sept. "This decision comes down to friendship and 0,000 — it's a math equation," Petersen said prior to the night's final rose ceremony.

All of their screw ups are going to work to our advantage and we're going to cash in." Though Swartz forgot the lyrics during her final challenge, she thought she'd still be a shoo-in for a finale spot, given her close friendship with Trueheart.

During the rose ceremony, however, Swartz found out that her friend was overruled, and agreed with Petersen when sending her and Swiderski home.

"I am half of this partnership and she thinks that since Michael is gone, I'm just here for the ride.

Jaclyn Swartz had a conference call with the media on Thursday. I have an insatiable curiosity about all things related to The Bachelor as well as all things related to real world situations.

She gives us some insight into how that love triangle gets even BIGGER and more “real”. Despite my obsession with the ridiculous I will approach all subjects with the utmost professionalism and care.

"I just want to make something clear: There are only two people here that thought Sarah and I would be standing here and that's me and her," Bukowski snapped when sending them home after the episode's first challenge.

NEWS: Bachelor Pad's most shocking eliminations ever As Bukowski and Newlon face off against Trueheart and Petersen, Petersen is strongly hoping his partner will up her game.

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A source tells us that Jaclyn and Ed are "happy being best friends — and whatever else happens is icing on the cake," which is all kinds of coy.