White dating white

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White dating white

Unfortunately, this new celebrity coupling has sparked a vicious backlash on social media from those who believe Williams has turned his back on black women in light of his relationship with Kelly, a white woman.Angered by the backlash and nasty messages written about him online, Williams addressed his haters on JAY-Z’s video project: “I was in a relationship 13 years.Williams’ relationship with Kelly should in no way diminish the amazing work he’s been able to do as an activist.

J.” about how success as a black person does not mean you can cast your blackness aside.

It’s also worth remembering that Williams has addressed his privilege as a biracial man in America before.

Speaking to , he shouted-out “the incredible women running [Black Lives Matter]” and opened up about being biracial: “I have access to rooms and information. To some people I might be a celebrity because I’m physically attractive.

We are programmed to believe that someone is attractive because they told you that blue eyes are hot. I aim to do what I can with what I have.”Williams is a man who recently ended a 13-year relationship with a woman, and he’s currently dating — not even married to — another woman.

If your first instinct is to wield that as a weapon against Williams rather than attempt to understand his humanity, take a look at who hurt you.

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Why are brown men so infatuated with white women onscreen, Buzz Feed writer Imran Sidiquee asks in his essay of the same name.

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