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Studies into this subject were presented in ' The Textile History of Whitby 1700-1914' – based on a multitude of primary sources giving evidence for that most drapers, tailors, dressmakers...The aim with this study is to focus on a small branch of the Swedish East India Company’s dealing in fabrics used for handkerchiefs.Transport with coaches and omnibuses was an important way of movement for many people living at relatively short distances from a town or city as well as for holiday-makers aiming to reach coastal destinations.Reasons for travelling were varied – renewing one’s clothes or interior textiles, visiting friends, leisure trips, trading professionally or other personal needs...

This plan by Francis Pickernell over the coastal town of Whitby printed in 1841 is such an example, with its accompanying illustrative pictures.

Local manufacturing of woollens, home weaving, imports of cloth, purchases from pedlars or coastal seafaring trade were all possible options for the citizens of Malmö in the early 18th century.

Besides the trade, this study aims to focus on the weaving of broadcloth and similar qualities by locally active masters, journeymen and apprentices.

A second post about my recently published book TEXTILIA LINNAEANA – Global 18th Century Textile Traditions & Trade, will focus on the artistic and skilled craft behind this hand-bound volume and give a brief overview of the book launch at Majgren’s Bookbindery in Copenhagen.

The 520 page monograph was printed in an edition of 350 numbered copies only; including a cloth bound hard cover, coloured edges, headband and a silk bookmark...

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Circumstances that changed rapidly at the Treaty of Roskilde in 1658, when this wealthy Danish town and other closely situated areas became part of Sweden.

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