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'" From that day on, Reza associated his natural curiosity with feelings of guilt and shame.

"I still had questions, but I didn't ask them because I felt that it was wrong and dirty to think about these things," he says.

There is no uncertainty about their desire to parent.’Professor Geeta Nargund, of Create Fertility, and Mohamed Taranissi, of the ARGC, said they too had helped virgin heterosexuals conceive, but they tended to be women with issues about sex who were in relationships.‘This tends to be as a result of a physical or psycho-physical problem, although cultural and religious influences may sometimes be a factor,’ explained Prof Nargund, who said her clinic had seen about a dozen such couples since 2010.

Child psychotherapist Dilys Daws said the fact that virgin women were resorting to IVF ‘suggests someone who is not emotionally mature enough to be close to someone else – and that matters when it comes to bringing up a child.

After a brief conversation with the startled teacher, he arrested Reza and his confidant and dragged them out into the school garden for interrogation.

He ordered the two boys to stand against the wall, 20 meters apart.

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Most choose the latter as success rates with IVF are double that with IUI.

He said: ‘When you remove a man from this, a woman becomes nothing but a breeding machine.

Here, a woman is denying the child the right to have a father.’‘Every case is different,’ she explained.

It implies the woman has a fear of having a close physical relationship with someone else, in which case the baby will not be brought up with that love.’Clinics stress that every woman must see a counsellor before treatment so they understand the process and the implications of using donor sperm.

Children born this way have the right to trace their biological father once they reach 18.

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One is Care Fertility, which runs five centres across England.

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