Video chat rooms for chubby people

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The Facebook chat rooms feature creates an option to “Host Chat” in the Facebook home page’s status update composer.Currently users see buttons for “Update Status”, and “Add Photos/Video”.Meanwhile, it’s battling independent international players like Whats App, sticker-focused products like Japan’s Line, and novel communication forms like Snapchat.The stakes are high as messaging generates huge amounts of engagement, direct monetization opportunities through ads and sticker sales, and valuable data on who someone’s closest friends are.The host can add specific friends to the room, similar to Facebook’s existing ad-hoc private group chat feature.Those participating see the room as a window similar to traditional one-on-one Facebook chat, though I’d expect it to be a bit bigger to accommodate a higher pace of conversation.

The strength of Facebook’s chat rooms will be in spontaneity and distribution.Early internal tests of Host Chat only supported text — no photo or video.Emoji would likely be included but no word on whether chat rooms will allow Facebook’s cutesy new messaging stickers.With direct private communication, users typically pop in and out just to send and read messages.But people often keep chat rooms open for long periods of time.

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Hosts can set privacy restrictions to limit who is allowed to join their room, and can expel people they don’t want present.

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