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Victoria legrand alex scally dating

I think before we played hundreds and hundreds of shows we were more uptight.

But maybe it is a '80s and '90s kind of thing," he continues, admitting that he hadn't previously considered that releasing such a collection wasn't typical for an indie band in 2017. ) We caught up with guitarist-keyboardist Alex Scally a week before he jets off for a European tour with his band-mate Victoria Legrand and talked about making out, churches, and the made-up genre music writers always use to describe his band, which we’re consciously avoiding using here (for the record, it starts with a “d” and rhymes with “pream-pop”).It just seems really treacherous to tour really far up north this time of year, but come around March people are much more ready to be alive. I think that the world of arts and music is just not very competitive, it’s really lively, but not competitive. in a church in upstate New York … Well, we just mentioned it in our one sheet. It’s full of amazing microphones and mixing boards, and it happened to be open and happened to be within our price range. Every other time it’s been in a basement somewhere, doing it as fast as we could. It’s like, we’re so busy doing something, and then someone says, “Okay, you guys need to write a bio today.” And so we sit down and write it.This is a band with a deep catalog of dark, ethereal songs it plays exceptionally well for a devoted audience.Many fans in attendance Monday simply stood still, watching intently. A few die-hards in the front seemed like they were having an all-out religious experience. More concert reviews: 3 nights of Greensky Bluegrass at the Club in D.

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