Vb net progress bar not updating

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Vb net progress bar not updating

The programmer must think at all the elements around his program.

Anyway, thank you very much for efforts in producing these controls and the time spent in my question.

First of all, Open Microsoft Visual Studio and create a new project of type Windows Forms Application Drag and drop the following controls to the form and set their properties as below using the Properties window The purpose of this program is to import the contents of a CSV file, perform a simple calculation and update the data onto a data grid view control.

The Form Load event (Form1_load) sets two key properties of the Backgroundworker control - Event of this sample program we use a Text Field Parser object to read the contents of a csv file line by line.

During the time that the thread is suspended, the progress bar is virtually not using any resources from the processor.

If you have time consuming operations such as extensive mathematical calculations, file or database operations on a large amount of data, etc., then the GUI can go unresponsive until that operation is completed. Net Framework's solution to this problem is the Background Worker class.

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The progress of this background operation is reported after each line is read.