Validating pentium 4 microprocessor dating a marlin 336

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Validating pentium 4 microprocessor

Most software programs are now delivered on CD-ROMs.

Common Gateway Interface, a programming standard that allows visitors to fill out form fields on a Web page and have that information interact with a database, possibly coming back to the user as another Web page.

A client/server architecture allows many people to use the same data simultaneously.

The program's main component (the data) resides on a centralized server, with smaller components (user interface) on each client. A person who breaks in to a computer through a network, without authorization and with mischievous or destructive intent.

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Compact Disc Read-Only Memory, an optically read disc designed to hold information such as music, reference materials, or computer software.

A single CD-ROM can hold around 640 megabytes of data, enough for several encyclopaedias.

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A small Java application that is downloaded by an Active X or Java-enabled web browser.

A text file sent by a Web server that is stored on the hard drive of a computer and relays back to the Web server things about the user, his or her computer, and/or his or her computer activities. A hardware or software problem that causes information to be lost or the computer to malfunction.

Sometimes a crash can cause permanent damage to a computer.

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