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Posted by / 13-Jan-2020 17:44

There are some bandwidth conversion tools online, like Tool Studio or Gb Mb, which can help you convert those values. u Torrent employs a mutual fair sharing algorithm, that ensures fairness in a torrent swarm. And if you limit upload too much your download speed will be affected as well.

Notice that u Torrent is asking for k B/s under “Maximum download rate” not Mbps.

Or you might be lucky to download at high speeds with at an average 1Mbps bandwidth. If you have more torrents downloading at the same time and you want a specific torrent to be prioritised.

There are many u Torrent hacks that let you take full advantage of your resources. You can right click the downloading torrent, go to Bandwidth Allocation and choose your specific priority.

Using these methods will also help to increase your download speed.

For more information, check the There are some methods you can use to protect your identity and stay anonymous.

The filter will help you find specific flags that enable ads.

By default, ads are “True”, all you have to do is disable them by setting their value to “False”.

To save installation time Rapid Seedbox comes with a pre-installed Open VPN software.

The strongest weapon against Malware is your own judgment.

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For example, on the filter look for the word “sponsored”.