Utorrent dht updating datingtheyoungerman com

Posted by / 07-Jul-2020 12:50

Utorrent dht updating

Updating the client used to fix the issue but now it has not.

I dont want to try connecting without airvpn to test it.I have no idea why, but I hope this information is able to help someone.Ok I didnt fix the technical cause of the problem, however I did find the source of the problem.I dont know if this is related but I do recall there were some windows updates that occurred roughly around the time this BS started happening perhaps it changed something. What worries me is this is a common issue when the ISP or network admin blocks the torrent protocols, which should be hidden by the vpn.I dont think this is possible with a proper vpn configuration(ive passed all tests for dns leaks and IP tests), but I have had my internet cutoff before so im always afraid of this happening again. I looked in forwarded ports in the client area and saw a port was forwarded, but when I told the BT client to use that port it did not work.

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On larger torrents I was telling the client to 'shutdown(the computer) when downloads complete'. Now, I make sure I shut down the torrent client first, then shut the computer down. My utorrent connections do not work on USA servers anymore.