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Once you've found it simply click on it, read the T&Cs and if you are happy with them click Next.

XBMC will then open and spend a few moments setting itself up.

Even though the original XBMC project no longer develops or supports XBMC for the Xbox, XBMC on the Xbox is still available via the third-party developer spin-off project "XBMC4Xbox", which forked the Xbox version of the software and completely took over the development and support of XBMC for the old Xbox.

The ending of Xbox support by the original project was also the reason that it was renamed "XBMC" from the old "Xbox Media Center" name, and why it later was renamed "Kodi".

Since then its functionality and - in turn - popularity has exploded.

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Kodi has attracted negative attention due to the availability of third-party plug-ins for the software that facilitate unauthorized access to copyrighted media content, as well as "fully loaded" digital media players that are pre-loaded with such add-ons; the XBMC Foundation has not endorsed any of these uses, and has taken steps to disassociate the Kodi project from these illegal products, including threatening legal action against those using its trademarks to promote them.

Kodi supports most common audio, video, and image formats, playlists, audio visualizations, slideshows, weather forecasts reporting, and third-party plugins.

Plug-ins, using either C/C programming languages to create binary add-ons or the Python scripting language to create Script Addons, expand Kodi to include features such as television program guides, You Tube, Hulu, Netflix, Veoh, online movie trailer support, and Pandora Radio and podcast streaming.

Kodi also functions as a game launcher on any operating system.

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Please note that many addons contain content that isn’t officially licensed and accessing such content could be illegal.

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