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Here is an annotated example of what the Navionics Updates App looks like before any downloading has begun: If you need help understanding how to run the Navionics Chart Installer app and how to fix potential technical issues with it, review the Navionics tutorial.

Any further technical assistance with the Navionics updating process is provided by Navionics support.

If you can avoid an adapter in conjunction with a chart plotter it is generally a good thing -- one less possible point of failure.

On ther other hand, if Navionics gives you a USB card reader with your purchase of card and that may be highly valuable to you in terms of connecting to the Internet based Navionics chart updating service and perhaps chart navigation / planning software as well.

Navionics uses the terminology "MSD" to denote micro SD...The Navionics chart files have been transferred to the computer's hard drive but are not yet authorized for viewing in the software.Using the Firefox web browser, install and then run the Navionics Updates App provided at: Currently, other web browsers may be problematic for running the app.Hi Rod, If it's a new card that you've bought with the HDS Gen3, it will.(Older models may not) You can also read more on how to access Fish N'Chip data in our news item here: fun!

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1) Be sure you are using the latest firmware on your C80 Classic, or C120 Classic, which currently is version 5.16 2) After updating your chart chip using the Navionics 'freshest data' using their online app, you must manually remove all files that end in . I'm not sure if this was a one time thing, so I don't know if Navionics continues to get data updates from Bizer. I just got this info myself from Navionics yesterday, so this is new information. BP2 files manually each time after you perform an update to the chip using their "Freshest Data" online update tool. I suppose we should also report this to Raymarine, if we're lucky they will give us a new firmware to fix it, but my guess is that these are older units and they may prefer not to release new software and rather we buy new units. 18 months ago I suspected some problems with my 15 year old L1250.

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