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Updating madden roster

He’s a player with next-level talent and is just an entertaining guy.I mean, can you dislike any guy that dresses like Miller and has chickens? This last offseason, the rules against player celebrations were loosened a bit.The Jacksonville Jaguars spent big money to bring him to Duvall County. Campbell started the season with an outstanding four sack performance. The pressure Campbell brought clearly overwhelmed the Houston Texans’ O-line.Tom Savage Thanks to the previously-mentioned Campbell, Savage spent most of the game on his back rather than moving the offense.He delivered some outstanding pinpoint throws while taking some monstrous hits. With Week 1 in the books, it’s time to update the Madden Player ratings.Both the Chiefs and the Vikings have new life in their offenses. Here’s a brief preview at a few of the players whose ratings will shift in tomorrow’s Madden ratings update.At no point with Savage at the helm did the offense look like they were in sync. The Texans’ O-line was simply outmatched by an underrated defensive line. Cousins has been in near-constant contract disputes with the Washington front office. It’s never great to lose the season opener to a division rival.The fact remains that the Houston offense was simply stagnant with Savage at the helm. But to lose three turnovers in the process, all while trying to establish yourself as a franchise QB, is embarrassing. Dalton’s performance in Week 1 is best described with a series of funny emojis.

In fact, a fumble on the first carry is a classic rookie move. He’s quickly solidified himself as Kansas City’s new workhorse RB.

Which is a good thing, but many Denver Broncos fans are now pointing at the taunting rule being broken once Miller was flagged after this gem. One of the current residents of Club 99, along with Gronk, Miller was just being himself.

Maybe he shouldn’t have been flagged, but I don’t agree that it cost them the game.

On the flip side, somebody to watch is Matthew Stafford.

He looked strong, confident, and poised in the pocket notching yet another win after trailing in the fourth quarter.

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