Updating kitchen cabinets with paint

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Updating kitchen cabinets with paint

"For starters, it's an alkyd paint," say professional painters Chris and Lexi Dowding, of Swatch Out in Michigan."Which means it dries very hard and can stand up to lots of abuse without chipping or scratching." They also love this particular paint because it levels out well (no weird bumps or ripples!There are a host of companies that specialise in providing replacement doors.Alternatively, simply give your cabinetry a quick refresh with a few coats of paint.But with more than 3,500 color options available, we're guessing you can find any shade you want for your own kitchen. If your kitchen is looking a bit tired, you don’t have to spend a fortune to give it a fresh new look.

Visit Laminate Kitchen Worktops for laminate worktops that come in a range of finishes, and start at only £59.This product worked wonderfully and smelled great, however, it is a deglosser, so it will take the gloss off of any surface you use it on. I sprayed it directly onto my Scotch Brite sponge and then wiped the cabinets down with it. ) Here’s what you’ll need to paint your cabinets: 4-Inch Paint Roller Tray Purdy 2.5-Inch XL Brush or other good quality brush (2 or 2 1/2″) Nitrile Gloves (Again, if you can save on clean up…plus I used my fingers for clean up so they were covered in paint! My toughest decision was what kind of paint to use.You know I am a huge fan of chalk paint and it seemed so much easier with the “no prep” idea behind chalk paint.Then stick around and let’s see what else we can get ourselves into! If you're painting wooden kitchen cabinets, there's one can that many pros swear by: Benjamin Moore Advance Keep reading to find out what's so great about it.

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), covers dark wood with just two (or sometimes three) coats, is low VOC (a fancy way of saying it won't stink up the room), and is almost $20 cheaper per can compared to competitive brands.