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Right now, it's just about being a weird little experiment." Asked what she's listening to at the moment, the Canadian artist said he tastes are a little more "somber" than the music she makes.

"I've kind of had a little darker taste for moodier music that I listen to.

Consensus on operations in the log therefore provides a . In fact, Mongo DB does exactly this: when a secondary detects its oplog has diverged, it identifies affected documents, dumps their current state to a file on disk, catches up to the primary, then replaces those documents with copies taken from the current primary. If we can provide this property, we can avoid the rollback problem by only applying committed operations to the state machine.

In Mongo DB, that state machine is the storage engine used for documents and indices—usually an mmap’ed file or Wired Tiger. Mongo DB do this—it applies operations as soon as they’re received.

I think it's fantastic and so sexy." In 2016 Jepsen released Emotion B-Sides.

Her latest single "Cut To The Feeling" was released in May of this year as part of the Trolls movie soundtrack.

Instead, Mongo DB assigns a number to each log entry: the as any majority-committed operation.

Optimes are monotonic on any given node: each operation the primary appends to the oplog has a strictly higher optime than the previous one. For instance, we could assign sequential integers as optimes, which has exactly the same problem as the longest-log approach: isolated nodes with more attempted ops could win elections.

insert a document, increment some field in a given document, etc.), appends them to its oplog, and applies those operations in order.

To address this, Mongo DB also pins optimes to the local system clock (incremented to preserve monotonicity where necessary).

If we assume that clocks are perfectly synchronized, this implies that a new leader will have all operations from the most recent primary to make updates.

We’ll begin with the v0 replication protocol, show how its successor v1 addresses its design flaws, then discuss the bugs we found in v1—and their respective resolutions in 3.2.12 and 3.4.0.

Mongo DB’s original replication protocol aims to provide consensus over a log of database operations: the node, which will lead changes to the oplog.

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Speaking to Elite Daily, Jepsen said she has been working with producer Patrik Berger on some tracks. beat what I've got and experiment in different places without any of the pressure," she said of the new music.