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Well, you can always install intel hd 5500 second to you Geforce 940m Cheers!

Now the driver update has completed and you have restarted your PC you are all set to go!

thanks for ur help mate Sometimes it causes issues such as FPS drop in games becasue some cached data are still stored in the Registry but sometimes it works.

I suggested uninstalling it first so that everything in the Registry will be deleted and the mapping of your Windows system would point to the updated driver.

Please make sure you find the right version, as incompatible or wrong driver can cause serious PC problems. Right click on the Intel device and select Update Driver Software… You can update your drivers automatically with either the FREE or the Pro version of Driver Easy.

I have a hp laptop which has intel 5500 graphics and dedicated 940m 2gb They are the same versions as they were when i bought when the laptop. As ive had previous experiences where i ended up with drivers not working properly.

my question is do we have to update the integrated graphics as well or can i just update the 940m? also whats the difference between updating from device manager and going to the nvidia website urself and downloading it from there? Sometimes laptop vendors have tweaked versions of GFX drives ... I generally recommend checking manufacturer;s web site 1st, in your case HP, and if nothing there, then go to intel and n Vidia It doesnt matter what you update first although there are some default bios settings that prioritizes a certain driver.

I suggest using DDU (Display Driver Uninstaller) first then installing the latest drivers. The difference between updating from the device manager compared to downloading it manually is does that in the device manager, the program visits microsoft's website to see if the driver it will download is supported and will then proceed to the manufacturer's site automatically then download it.

It takes a lot of time compared to downloading it manually from the manufacturer's site (assuming you know what OS you have and what model of GPU you have). Even though you dont install the Intel HD 5500 and only installing the Geforce 940m it will still work, I do this in all my devices and it works if i dont uninstall them and update them without uninstalling them it would cause some problems?

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This count as the second easiest way to update a driver, but the flaw is, it could take you a lot of time searching for the correct driver for your graphics card, which could be very time consuming. For more purchase details, please visit our purchase website here.

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