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Updating gatherer without losing nodes

With the past card data already in the database and spoiled cards input manually, this database will always be up to date, far ahead of the update schedule of Gatherer and MTGJSON.

Projects can pull in our complete database for their projects in order to have a full Magic: the Gathering card database at all times.

Once that is accomplished, we are then no longer dependent on them for card data, except for rullings.

For the database we have hosted on Git Hub, we began with downloading and parsing card data from MTGJSON, a highly reputable source for Magic: The Gathering card and set information, through their file.

There are several ways to increase the chance at extra resources when gathering. There are two types of gathering bonuses: those that increase the chance at an additional strike, and those that increase the chance of finding rare materials.

The goals of this project include creating a downloadable SQLite database file containing all cards from the game Magic: The Gathering.

Gathering with inferior tools always results in finding ruined resources and certain high-quality tools will generate additional resources.

If you would like to use our pre-compiled database for your project, simply download the database, which you can find on the official releases of this project, and either see when the release was published or read the table to know when the database was last updated.

Once we have completed this import, a repo manager can go in and manually edit imperfections in the data, as sometimes MTGJSON's data is directly based on Gatherer, which in itself usually has a few mistakes.

When "spoiler season" (a few times a year when Wizards of the Coast spoils new cards from an upcoming set) begins, a repo manager can manually update the database (with a tool to be developed later).

Any tier gathering tool (even copper) may be used on any synthesizer, but it appears that higher tier gathering tools are more likely to produce higher tier materials.

Guild Synthesizers are located near the scribe in guild halls.

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They have the same appearance and operate in the same manner as those in Wv W except they may be upgraded to produce higher tier materials and greater quantities.

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