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The specific paint I used is a primer and sealer in one and ) Step 1. Wash the tile before painting to remove any dirt or grease. Each coat dries quickly though so I was able to finish in 2 days. Not completely matte, just a very soft shine – it’s perfect!

Whether you own, rent or just have plans for a vintage mantelpiece you found at a flea market, fireplaces are a great (albeit somewhat unexpected place) to flex your DIY muscles. It was so much easier than I thought it was going to be – and I love how it turned out!How to Paint Tile: You’ll love this DIY tutorial if you’ve ever wanted to paint over outdated tile but weren’t sure what supplies are needed or how to do it…I’ll show you exactly how easy it is!Natural wood is of course beautiful on its own, but painting the ends of logs (try color-blocking and ombre paint techniques, too! If paint isn’t your cup of tea, try wallpapering the entire fireplace outcropping as an accent wall.Just be sure the paper is a safe distance away (check your local fire codes and ordinances! A little bit of bright color never hurt anyone, so why not try an unexpected pop of color (like this bright yellow fireplace at This Old House or this teal fireplace at Apartment Therapy) in a neutral room?

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“The linear fireplace is starting to catch on in New Hampshire. We thought it was too modern, but we put one in our store and sold five of them.” Adds Alison Jackson of Jackson Fireplace and Patio in Hampton Falls, “The contemporary style of long, skinny fireplaces are very popular with builders and homeowners.