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Fallout 3 is usually considered the closest to typical Role Playing Game of the three Bethesda Fallout games (e.g., see this review).

This guide covers mods and utilities for Fallout 3, with a similar format, some similar content, and many similar mods, to the Fear and Loathing in New Vegas guide. A series of videos about Fallout 3 from Gamer Poets in the extensive Let's Roleplay Fallout 3 : Junktown Vendor series demonstrate what can be achieved today with Fallout 3 and modern computers; making use of mods from this guide.

Nonetheless, some users still have significant problems getting Fallout 3 to work properly on modern computers and Windows OSs, especially Windows 10..

As the time in-game gets larger the stability decreases.

The new Fallout 4 update can now be downloaded and brings a number of new features to the game on PS4, PC and Xbox One platforms.

The biggest one of these is the patch that brings official support to the PS4 Pro console, Bethesda announced in 2016 that they had plans to release it as part of one of their last big title updates.

Companions also won't get stuck in a down state, or in a state of perpetual radiation poisoning, anymore.

An entire section of the patch notes for update 1.3 is dedicated to quest fixes, some of which solve issues that had prevented players from being able to complete quests.

Unlike Most Popular, Highest Rated, or the other automated categories, Featured Mods are chosen by the team at Bethesda to showcase lesser known mods, recent releases by popular authors, older mods that have just been updated, and great content created by new modders.Update 1.3 delivers a few PC-only features, such as a new ambient occlusion setting known as HBAO , but the bulk of the patch consists of bug fixes.If you've been bringing Mac Cready to firefights just because of his game-breakingly good Killshot perk, well, you'll have to find a better justification for keeping him around — he'll no longer provide a guaranteed 95 percent chance of nailing headshots.Practices such as limiting autosaves and fast travel from or to interior areas like Megaton help reduce this deterioration.Like fast travel, using the console COC command bypasses the scripts used by the game to manage access to some interior areas in the game and can cause CTDs.

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Such quests include "Underground Undercover," "Human Error" and "Tactical Thinking." Other fixes involve companions, like Preston Garvey and Dogmeat.

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