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He’s been a mystery, mainly because his famous daughter Harriet Page Wheeler Decker Young always seemed anxious to conceal her origins, to the point of fabricating accounts of them. From the New York State census for 1835, new insights on the life of Oliver III and Hannah Ashby Wheeler in upstate New York.Helping to understand, perhaps, why their daughter Harriet, who had something to say about nearly everything, seems to have been silent about her parents and wrong about her heritage. I’ll be pulling scattered Lexington material together into this new presentation, probably mostly via links to other presentations. Turns out we have at least SEVEN ancestors on the Founders’ Monument.We’ve continued to expand and correct this hypertext version, as new material has come to hand recounting her life in prose and photographs. Updated the Mayflower presentation (Buried Treasures, Volume 1), incorporating what we’ve learned on recent visits to Sandisfield and Colebrook, including Appleton Stillman’s will and pulling together some fragments of the story of his son Jason.

Major revisions and expansions in the Mayflower Connections presentation, updating its format and extending it through a section on my Mammy, Leola Seely Anderson, as our proximate connection to the Pilgrims.

Completed the first version of the white binders, now including a printed version of all the current Presentations, more or less consistently formatted.

For the moment, Alfa’s Big Neff Book occupies its own binder.

Brought my Final Report, (the “Such a Life” presentation) up through 2006, completing Chapters 3 and 4 and the first four years of Chapter 5.

Refined the links, prepared subchapter page indexes, and reformatted it for printing.

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Printed a hard copy of the whole thing and installed it in large, white, 3-ring binders, with sheet protectors.