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When Zaros wanted to expand his kingdom, he sent his armies south into the Kharidian Lands in an attempt to conquer it.The Menaphites fought back, but Zaros' armies were far stronger than those of Kharidian Lands, and the Menaphites were likely to lose the Kharidian-Zarosian War.During the reign of the Menaphites, the heavily wooded menaphite kingdom slowly started to change into deserts. Or it was because of the Menaphites, who were gathering far more resources than they ever needed.But the menaphite kingdom was not the only kingdom of the world.Failing to drink will cause the player to lose Life points.The Kharidian Desert is a vast land found south of the wooded kingdom of Misthalin and Morytania.Unexpected things happened after the war with Zaros.Amascut, seeing the death and destruction the Mahjarrat caused, was driven insane and became obsessed with destruction.

Also, after the war with Zaros the Mahjarrat believed that Zaros would be a better god for them to follow.The small menaphite tribe later grew into an enormous kingdom ruled by a pharaoh king or queen. Tumeken later married Elidinis, goddess of fertility and growth, and they shared their rule over the Kharidian Lands.They later got two children, Icthlarin, god of the dead, and Amascut, goddess of rebirth.The desert is the home to some of the oldest civilisations in Gielinor, ranging from the Menaphites that built the cities of Ullek and Uzer to the bandits that are all that remain of the followers of Zaros.As a result, it is amongst the most history-rich and treasure-filled areas in the world.

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Here the scorching desert winds blast the sand, turning the dunes into a sea.

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