Type 1 diabetes dating site

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Type 1 diabetes dating site

I would think it is something like telling an angry woman “it’s just your hormones talking”. At high BG levels the most common symptoms are fatigue and frequent need for urination, but there are differences here too.

So nowadays while I’m on zombie eating mode (not aiming for brains though), I still have enough higher cognitive functions active to avoid eating stuff reserved for specific purposes or guests.

If it is low, then I will offer to help her find something to eat or drink.

If it is too high, then I know not to suggest having a meal right away.3. I generally eat on a structured schedule – breakfast before going to work, lunch around and dinner when I get home from work.

However, you might want to avoid suggesting a blood glucose measurement.

Nothing feels as frustrating when someone invalidates a type 1 diabetic’s negative emotions by suggesting ”It’s only your diabetes doing its tricks”.

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Then there are some, who don’t feel the hypos and just tumble down in the weirdest places.

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