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So when thinking about Turkish men, I type this post in despair.From today, I am sending out a strong message to all women travelers or tourists.6) You will be cheated always so be cautious about STD 7) They are very irresponsible so if he finds another lover don't expect him to take care of your children 8) They think they are extremely sexy so they believe that all western women are dying for them (thanks to Russian women who don't care much about the quality of men when they are marrying and making them believe that they are irresistable men) 9) They dont like reading.All they like is watching soccer games and screaming while jumpimg up and down senselessly.For complete regulations, see the "Guidelines for Reader Comments". All of it still applies and I stand by what I have written.

Any man can have an affair even if he lives in the same house as you, so why do you think he is going to be honest when he lives in a different country?If you both want to take the romance further, then one of you has to move countries. Unfortunately most of the relationships that I have seen fail, is because the women wants to keep 100% of her culture and the Turkish man wants to keep 100% of his Turkish culture.For it to work, both of you has to meet in the middle and give something up.What their mama is going to say is more important than what they feel. 3) They talk too much but commit less action 4) They are extremely insecure so they make your life miserable 5) When you marry him you no longer become his woman but the mother of his children.Basicly you are a slave who is responsible for his seeds.

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There are great Turkish men out there who are well-educated, open-minded and respective.

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