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You might think you like the funny, life-of-the-party sort of guy, but end up having a great time with someone who’s more on the quiet side.

“Many happily coupled people find themselves with amazing partners in packages different from the vision they held when single,” says Jasbina Ahluwalia, founder and president of matchmaking site Intersections Match.

And if things don’t work out with your coworker, you will have to see that person every single day at the office, which could be upsetting, embarrassing and distracting.

Of course, you can’t help whom you like—if you do find yourself falling for someone in your office and are determined to make it work, take it very slow, Smith says.

This could also mean that your priorities are in different places—are they looking to settle, when you’re looking for a more casual dating relationship? After dating you for five years will [he or she] trade you in for a younger model?

Jodi RR Smith, an etiquette consultant, also points out that it could also be the opposite situation. ” While it’s good to have these questions in mind, don’t let them define your relationship—regardless of age, every relationship should be based on love, honesty, loyalty and whatever else your ideals and values are.

You may have taken for granted that this meant that everyone you met had a few qualities in common with you, like age and education, and perhaps even things like majors, extracurricular activities and more.

And when it happens, “it might not be as humorous out in the professional world,” where you’ll have to live with it for the next 30 years instead of just four.

You should already know this person very well (Smith recommends one year as a general rule).

Do figure out what you want Dating can be like interviewing—you want to make a good first impression, but you also want to ask your own questions and make sure that person is a good fit for you so you know when to say yes to a second date and when to say no.

Instead of ignoring those who don’t fit your mold when you’re out at a bar, say yes to a date with someone who might even be the opposite of what you think you’re looking for.

The new scene can be hard to navigate, so we’ve put together an all-inclusive guide for everything you need to know about dating after college, from one-night stands to long-term relationships. Do date outside of your comfort zone The real world is a great place to explore different kinds of people and personalities.

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When starting out, Martenson suggests to focus on your deal-breakers first, then go from there.

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