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Truck driving dating

Kelly was notable as the only female trucker featured in the series until Maya Sieber joined in Season 5, and Stephanie "Steph" Custance in season 10.

Originally from Grand Rapids, Michigan, she now resides in Wasilla, Alaska. Her family moved to a mini farm in Sterling, Alaska when she was six years old.

Which means that Spanish is spoken more often than English and most people in Hialeah are bilingual.

So get ready for some romance languages: not only will your partner know the language of love, he or she will also probably know Spanish and English!

Because of the Cuban influence on Hialeahan culture, dancing is a huge part of what it means to be a Hialeahan.

So if you’re dating someone from this city, get ready to hit the floor with a pro.

Hialeah has the highest percentage of Cuban and Cuban American residents of any city in the United States.Recently, during a team day held by Deltalinqs – one of Smart Port’s founding fathers – I paid a visit to Maasvlakte Plaza.That may not sound particularly flashy: we’re basically talking about a large parking lot.Lisa Kelly (born December 8, 1980) is an American trucker who has been featured on the History channel reality television series Ice Road Truckers and its spinoff series IRT: Deadliest Roads. Ice Road Truckers has followed Kelly and her fellow drivers as they make their way along the icy Dalton Highway from Fairbanks to Prudhoe Bay, frequently hauling "oversized" loads.Kelly has also made appearances in Seasons 1–2 of IRT: Deadliest Roads.

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Being a woman, Kelly says this was a difficult achievement. I had to pull my weight and everybody else's and get the job done as fast, or faster"; trucking in the Himalayas in India; in a later season, she drove in Bolivia and Peru.

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