Triple h and stephanie dating

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Triple h and stephanie dating

In early 1999, she became involved in an on-screen storyline involving her father, Vince Mc Mahon, and The Undertaker.

The Undertaker stalked and abducted Stephanie Mc Mahon and almost "married" her in the middle of the ring in an "Unholy Wedding" ceremony performed by Paul Bearer, until Steve Austin, her father's then nemesis, rescued her.

The alliance was short lived, as Triple H demanded she withdraw her services following The Rock using his signature Rock Bottom maneuver on Stephanie at No Mercy due to her constant interference.

The internal disputes between the Mc Mahons led to Shane siding with his mother against Stephanie and Vince.

The Undertaker did this to torment Vince, or so it seemed—but later it was revealed that he and Vince had been in cahoots the entire time.

Stephanie and her mother Linda sided with Vince's nemesis Austin, and Vince responded by having the Undertaker kidnap Stephanie a second time.

In 2000, with Vince Mc Mahon absent as a result of injuries inflicted upon him by Triple H at Armageddon event, Triple H and Stephanie Mc Mahon became the on-screen owners of the WWF, a period known as the "Mc Mahon-Helmsley Era" and dominated by the Mc Mahon-Helmsley Faction.

During the course of the match, Stratus slapped Vince and chased Mc Mahon from ringside, apparently upset with Vince's constant misogynistic treatment of her.

Following Stone Cold Steve Austin and Triple H's alliance with Vince Mc Mahon, Mc Mahon returned as Triple H's manager at ringside.

Mc Mahon reconciled with her father and brother at Wrestle Mania 2000 when they helped Triple H defend his title against The Rock, leaving Linda Mc Mahon as the only fan-favorite in the Mc Mahon family.

Linda and Mc Mahon exchanged slaps throughout the summer of 2000.

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Stephanie and Test went on to team together in a match on September 20, 1999, with the couple defeating Jeff Jarrett and Debra.

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