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The Black Tower – is one of Brasov’s four observation towers and its location is isolated, outside the old walls.Schei Gate – one of the two gates (the other one – Catherine’s Gate) – separated the German city from the Romanian population in Schei village; Catherine’s Gate – Romanians that wished to gain access into the city could go through the gate only in certain days of the week, after paying a fee.What is clear is that the land was owned by noble people.However, by 1359 the land was being mentioned as a free commune.

It is the oldest fortified church in this region and most frequently mentioned in the art history literature.

The village is crossed by countless small rivers, which gave birth to flourishing trout shops all over the place.

The Prejmer church was built in the 13 century by the Teuton knights and illustrates impressive Gothic architecture and an altar piece five centuries old.

Another highlight is the Venetian House which dates back from the 16 century, and was home to Stephanus Mann, the citymayo.

We also pass by the house of Vlad Ţepeș – it is said that Vlad was born here in 1431.

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We pass by the Bruckenthal National Museum built in a refinded late-baroque style, the History Museum, the Huet Square which is dominated by the Evangelical Cathedral, the Staircase Tower – the oldest standing building in Sibiu, the Stairs Passage, the Small Square – the enclave of buildings with arcades that host museums and galleries; Sfatului Tower, the Pharmaceutical History Museum – the old, 17 century pharmacy displaying unusual medical instruments from the 1500s, as well as medicines created by Samuel Hahnemann, the founder of homeopathy; the House of Arts, the Bridge of Lies, the Goldsmyths’ Square and many other beautiful medieval highlights of the citadel.