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The work of a constantly changing artist, Post proves that as Björk moves toward more ambitious, complex music, she always surpasses herself.

[Verse 1] Genius to fall asleep to your tape last night So warm Sounds go through the muscles These abstract, wordless movements Move, move, move, move, move They start off cells that haven't been touched before These cells are virgins Waking up slowly Waking up Waking up slowly [Chorus 1] My headphones They saved my life Your tape It lulled me to sleep, to sleep, to sleep [Post-Chorus 1] Nothing will be the same I'm asleep I'm fast asleep [Verse 2] I like this resonance It elevates me I don't recognize myself This is very interesting [Chorus 2] My headphones They saved my life Your tape Lulled me to sleep, to sleep, to sleep [Post-Chorus 2] I'm fast asleep now You're still with me I'm fast asleep I'm asleep [Chorus 3] My headphones They saved, saved my life Your tape It lulled me to sleep, to sleep, to sleep Lulled me to sleep ’s closing track, the experimental “Headphones” was written and produced by Björk in collaboration with trip-hop pioneer Tricky; the two were romantically involved around that time.

The only artists who've done that are old school: Bob Dylan, James Brown, Public Enemy and Gary Numan." It is 11am in deepest Chiswick, west London, and 36-year-old Tricky, possibly Britain's most confrontational musician, warms to his theme.

Post also features Debut producer Nellee Hooper, 808 State's Graham Massey, Howie B, and Tricky, who help Björk incorporate a spectrum of electronic and orchestral styles into songs like "Hyperballad," which sounds like a love song penned by Aphex Twin.

After Debut's success, the pressure was on Björk to surpass that album's creative, tantalizing electronic pop.

She more than delivered with 1995's Post; from the menacing, industrial-tinged opener, "Army of Me," it's clear that this album is not simply Debut redux.

"I Miss You"'s exuberance is so animated, it makes perfect sense that Ren & Stimpy's John Kricfalusi directed the song's video.

Likewise, "It's Oh So Quiet" -- which eventually led to Björk's award-winning turn as Selma in Dancer in the Dark -- is so cartoonishly vibrant, it could have been arranged by Warner Bros. Yet Björk sounds equally comfortable with an understated string section on "You've Been Flirting Again." "Headphones" ends the album on an experimental, hypnotic note, layering Björk's vocals over and over till they circle each other atop a bubbling, minimal beat.

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In short, he is rum company and it would be a hard heart that did not warm to his unfettered Bristol accent, his untied shoes and his scattergun - albeit contradictory - opinions on anything and everything. There is his music; decidedly dark, although aficionados always detect an uplifting streak. Tricky stopped midsong and made his only speech of the evening: "Turn the fucking light off, cunt! "Yes, well, on stage I'm a different person, very aggressive, very tense.