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Trapped charge dating

o Also townspeople find spearpoints, but lack context, so unsure of whether spear points were with bones or just there by chanceo Later find spear point with bones, confirmation that association between extinct fauna and human artifacts, people had been in America since at least the end of the Pleistocene , some 10000 years ago IMPORTANCE OF CONTEXT AND SCIENTIFIC ARCHAEOLOGICAL METHODSo Excavated by Lewellyn Loud and Mark Harringtono Basket of duck decoys buried under a pito Perfectly preserved, usable todayo Dated about 2000 years ago NATURAL PROCESSES PERFECTLY PRESERVED.

CONTEXT PRESERVEDa remote sensing technique that measures the strength of magnetism between the earth's magnetic core and a sensor controlled by the archaeologist.

The vital part of this system is making sure that each excavation square is separated by a narrow strip of ground called baulk.

Keeping this strip of ground allows the vertical strata of each excavation square to be revealed and used as archaeological information.-a relative dating method that orders artifacts based on the assumption that one cultural style slowly replaces an earlier style over tie; with a master seriation diagram, sites can be dated based on their frequencies of several artifact styles- Folsom Siteo Cowboy finds bison bones etc etc.

The age of the specimen is the total radiation received divided by the annual dose of radiationo began supervising the surveying of the Somerset Coal Canal near Bath.

the travel time of the reflected signal indicates the depth.

Archaeological interpretations of the Chaco road system are divided between an economic purpose and a symbolic, ideological role linked to ancestral Puebloan beliefs.economic:facilitating the easy trade/transport of goods.

long distance commercial relations Chaco had with other regions.

However, mountains were used intermittently by small groups of hunters who seasonally exploited mountain sheep.

These new large, long-term settlements at Alta Toquima represented a major shift in how ancient Americans used mountain resources, and illustrate how archaeological research continues to teach us about the distribution of archaeological sites across a region.

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The disadvantage is that is is severly limited by less than ideal environmental conditions.a random sample is a sample drawn from a statistical population such that every member of the population has an equal chance of being included in the sample- done by generating a list of random coordinates and excavating units at those coordinates- can provide uneven coverage or concentrate units in areas away from surface findshandheld devices that use triangulation from radio waves received from satellites to determin your current position in terms of either the UTM grid or latitude and longitude.

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