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The merciful commitment strengthens us to see the truth about ourselves and repent.

The conviction and repentance moves us to cling to and rest in God's mercy and grace." (48) "The Power of Marriage" comes through very unique ways, unlike the worldly ways.

It is both vertical (faith in God) and horizontal (trust in each other). In other words, the starting point is not feelings of love, but "actions of love" that will lead to any romantic feelings.

Like Christ, married couples need to learn to give up their own selves for the sake of their spouses, and work toward mutual fulfillment.

It is not subjective based on feelings, but objective based on truth.

It is not to be a consumer activity but a covenant relationship.

Truth needs to be handled with grace, reconciliation, and love.

"Embracing the Other" is a call to commitment, and not convenience.

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Chapter 7 talks about an important aspect of singleness and marriage.