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Tienerdating com

We would like out money back since we did not get the service that we paid for. Impossible to judge gas to pump so returned it with 3/4 of a tank.Despite pre-paying and scheduling a pickup, the car wasn't at the location when I came to pick it up. I was trying to be budget consciencouis and in the end the rental car for one day cost over 0. - of course I don't get money back for giving thrifty more gas.None of what was promised to me was honored and all because of a lack of management on hand, lack of knowledge by the staff and horrible customer service.All of this complied led to overcharges and INCORRECT charges to me and my brother.Dollar may be cheaper but they stick it to you in the end. Second, the Dollar/Thrify site is NOT clear that use of a Debit card mandates a credit check and can lower one's credit score.To quote a lawyer friend who was with me at the counter, "That's a class-action lawsuit waiting to happen." I was told an extension of the rental was easy and was given a fee.He said we were taking to long and to go back in the back of the 45 minute line.I told him we couldn't afford a day for just moving up one size of vehicle and he said that was too bad because they were sold out and he obviously didn't care or didn't want to help people out.

When I tried to use a coupon at the desk, I was told I had to call customer service, so I did. The car had a problem with the wheel rubbing on something when we had four people riding in it.Sommige dingen moet je zelf ook niet willen kunnen.Richard was heel snel ter plaatse en heeft de klus binnen een dag uitgevoerd.There were other people affected by their NO CARS available. I also was making a reservation with Enterprise when they finally called for me to return to their desk. Very slow even though there were only a few customers. The service attendant refused to give my mom the car that we booked for paid for through He's reason was that the companies policy changed and they no longer allow debit cards for payments through third party reservations website.

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Richard heeft na heen en weer mailen een schutting gemaakt zoals wij dat wilden.

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