Thomas wilson brown dating

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Thomas wilson brown dating

He lived in the Broad Mouth Creek area and is probably related to the family of William Brown & Peggy Fleming from North Carolina who had at least three sons and several grandsons living in Old Pendleton. [The 100 acre tract that was traded with John Darragh in 1808.]NOTE: Other than the deed to John Darragh and the two deeds to William Crawford, all other Samuel Browns in Pendleton District signed their name! Here are other factors which make it likely the above deeds are those of the intended Samuel Brown. [Notice that this is the John Darragh with whom Samuel Brown had established a boundary line as stated in his deed of sale on .In 1810, only two Samuel Browns remain in Pendleton District. The surveyor's plats for the original grants to Mc Whirter and Wilson mentioned above are filed in the Abbeville Plat Books 1 & 2. 250 acres above the Ancient [Indian] Boundary Line on Hurricane Creek, a branch of Saludy River, bounding to the NE on two former surveys. on Saluda River, part of 250 acres surveyed for Darragh & granted , bounded by James Wilburn. Hillhouse & John Wilson who made oath to Wm Halbert, JP. James Wilburn is the same as the James Welborn who relocates to St.Carl Steven was a child actor with many credits to his name.He appeared on Little House on the Prairie, Diff'rent Strokes, and The Wonder Years and such films as Star Trek III: The Search for Spock — as young Spock — and Teen Wolf.

Thomas Brown lived on Big Beaverdam that ran into the Rocky River.If our Samuel was born in 1772 as the 1850 census indicates, he would have been 28 years old in 1800.The fourth Sam Brown was also 26-45, however, and is listed with 1 male under 10 and 3 females under 10. The sale in January of 1816 is some six months before Murphy Brown was born in KY so quite possibly the family was getting ready to leave as soon as weather permitted.This younger Samuel had one male child under 10 and two females, one 10-16 and one 16-26.Another Samuel Brown lived only about 20 households away but is listed as 45 with possibly as many as 9 children from the -10 category to 26-45, both males and females.

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