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Thirtysixhourdating com

OF THE FACULTY OF PARIS, PROFESSOR OF CHEMISTRY AND NATURAL PH1IOSOPIIY. Wepfer relates, that several monks made a repast on the roots of wild endive, amongst which were mixed by mis- take two roots of Henbane. * Several practitioners have remarked symptoms of poisoning after the administration of a glyster prepared with the extract of this plant. Instantly, respiration accelerated, very strong cries, convulsions, opisthotonos, then emprosthotonos ; its fore paws placed above the head, general tetanus, pupils dilat- ed, ears cold, urine copious, general paralysis, tongue hang- * These experiments were made with Prussic Acid, prepared accord- ing to the process of Schede, and consequently containing a great deal of water. Five or six minutes after, respiration difficult, trismus, subsultus teudinum. When thirty or forty drops of Prussic Acid are administered to dogs or to cats; they utter cries more or less strong, are agitated by convulsive movements, and die six, twelve, or fifteen minutes after the ingestion of the poisonous substance. The£e animals die also when the Prussic Acid is applied upon their eyes, or injected into the anus, or into the abdomen. A carp was made to swallow twenty- four drops of Prussic Acid ; sensibility was extinguished im- perceptibly, and the animal died at the end of an hour. The blood drawn from the animal after the injection coagulated without pro- ducing any crust, whilst that drawn before the operation had one ; there were bubbles of air in the heart. A very strong dog, submitted to one of these experiments, presented after death, the following results : brain sound, exhaling the odour of Prussic Acid ; tongue soft, bluish, and hanging out of the mouth ; bloody mucosities in the ventricles of the larynx; mucous membrane of the trachea scattered over with reddish streaks ; the capil- lary system was injected; lungs of a bright red; aortic cavi- ties of the heart filled with blood of a deep red colour ; that contained in the aorta and its principal divisions was also of the same colour ; the venous blood had the appearance of a fluid in which some liver had been dissolved ; the lungs, heart, and blood, exhaled the odour of Prussic Acid ; the same phe- nomena appeared in the liver and muscular flesh ; no altera- tion in the abdominal organs. At the expiration of two minutes, she fell dead, as if she had been struck with apoplexy. It is cultivated in gardens ; its flowers and leaves have the flavour of the bitter almond. Three minutes after, he threw up by the mouth some greenish, glutinous, and frothy matter.

The Neck Is A Bridge To The Body, which debuted at Brooklyn’s acclaimed BRIC Theater in March, will tour extensively in 2015. He fell afterwards into a state of general insensibility, and died at half past four. At forty-five minutes after two he was suffering such vertigoes that he was not able to make two steps without fall- ing ; his hind legs being excessively debilitated, he could not keep himself standing for a moment; he uttered plaintive moans; his pupils were not more dilated than natural. 1 Action of White Hellebore on the Animal Economy . 2 Observations 5 Of Black Hellebore 6 Action of Black Hellebore on the Animal Economy . 7 Of Bryony H Action of Bryony on the Animal Economy 12 Of Elaterium 14 Action of Elaterium on the Animal Economy .... Of Colocynth 16 Action of Colocynth upon the Animal Economy . 28 Action of the Fruit of Palma Christi on the Animal Economy, ibid. Of the Gratiola (Hedge-Hyssop) 68 Action of Hedge-Hyssop on the Animal Economy . Three days after, the animal had shewn no other phenomena than that dejection which constantly accom- panies this operation. Guy-Lussac, who first succeeded in depriving the Prussic Acid of a very great quantity of the water with which it was combined, when prepared according to the process of Scheele * (Vide Annates de Chimie, torn, lxxvii, p. 24 Action of the Flax-leaved Daphne on the Animal Economy 25 Of the Palma Christi (Ricinus) ......... At noon, the efforts to vomit were renewed frequently : the ani- mal supported himself with the greatest difficulty ; he was nearly insensible. The mucous membrane of the stomach was slightly inflamed ; the interior of the rectum appeared of a cherry-red colour ; very slight alteration appeared in the other parts of the digestive canal, the lungs shewed here and there some livid patches ; they were dense, and but little crepitating. At five in the morning, the cellular texture of the thigh of a small dog, was sprinkled over with two drachms of the powder of black hellebore root, the strength of which had already been exhausted by boiling water : the edges of the wound were then brought together by a few stitches. It was necessary however to combine the most powerful anti-spasmodics with the evacuating plan, in order to restore Ribergue to perfect health." ( Medecine Legale, already quoted, torn. They will be found described at length in a very excellent Memoir of M.

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An album featuring the music from the show will also be released in 2015.