The ugly people dating service

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The ugly people dating service

I dont consider myself an oil painting , or even a crappy washed out watercolour , but in every relationship I have ever had , someone took the time to see something in me that others didnt ...

its the way the world is :)Ok so even though I am going to be one of the younger people to comment on this and may not have as much experience on life/dating as some people on here but this is what I think after seeing your profile:1.

We all have faults, some are just more visible than others.Plentyoffish dating forums are a place to meet singles and get dating advice or share dating experiences etc. And I believe the phrase is "Quote unquote" Not quote and quote. heheheheh by the way i find it coincedental that you insult me for this thread yet in your profile you say you aren't into "fat&whiny BBWs" Look around you. Maybe when people are unattractive, they flock together due to loneliness, and from that comes a deep and abiding respect for the other "ooglies"... I think that they find out they are nice people and fall in love.Hopefully you will all have fun meeting singles and try out this online dating thing... Yet you attack my intelligence Tigger to my rescue... A large portion of the women on this forum are b BEAUTIFULws. I dont know if they think the people they are with are beautiful. You generally don't see a bunch of ugly people running out and getting divorced, but good looking people may tend to date more people.When I think of the word "ugly" I don't think appearance as much as I think attitude , personality and the way they treat others.I've known plenty of people who would be considered above average in looks but their personality made them butt ugly.^^^^^^^ 1 on all Lucky said The most wonderful part of being human , is that attraction , even if only on a physical basis , varies so much between individuals .

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I think in real life we accept less than perfect more so than in here where everyone is quick to judge.