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Collectively, autoimmune diseases are highly prevalent in the U.S., affecting between 14.7 and 23.5 million people — up to 8 percent of the population (2).Angelika Film Center Art Arts Art Shows Bishop Arts District Community Brewing Concerts Contemporary art Craft Beer dallas Dallas Arts District DALLAS Film Society Dallas Museum of Art Deep Ellum Deep Ellum Brewing Company DIFF DMA Education Fair Park Film Food Fort Worth free Free!Galleries I Live In Dallas Radio inspiration Lakewood Brewing Company Live Music Martin House Brewery Music Nasher Sculpture Center non-profits Oak Cliff Peticolas Brewing Company Photography podcast Rahr & Sons Brewing Restaurants SMU Theater things to do Untapped Festival wine Women Neil Lemons is the Founder and Editor-In-Chief of ILive In Old classic movies based on American novels are regularly shown at the Center on Thursday nights.

The tunnel was demolished in spring 2007 to make way for the DART Green Line train.

Zonulin expression is augmented in autoimmune conditions associated with TJ dysfunction, including celiac disease (CD) and T1D (13,15).

Both animal studies (16) and human trials (17) using the zonulin synthetic peptide inhibitor AT1001 (now named Larazotide acetate) established that zonulin is integrally involved in the pathogenesis of autoimmune diseases.

Jam out to Jazz & Blues - Oak Cliff is the home of the late blues legend Stevie Ray Vaughn, and it wouldn't be right not to mention getting your fill of blues as something to do in Dallas.

Partition a patio - The Gingerman, Idle Rich, Amsterdam Bar, Lee Harvey's, Bryan Street Tavern.

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Our discovery of zonulin, the only known physiologic modulator of intercellular TJ described so far, increased understanding of the intricate mechanisms that regulate the intestinal epithelial paracellular pathway and led us appreciate that its up-regulation in genetically susceptible individuals leads to autoimmune diseases.

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