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One fashion editor said she goes dutch when she’s sure she never wants to see that person again.

“That way, we both put in exactly the same into the date, and I don’t feel like I owe him something because he invited me to dinner.

The point is, just because you’re not paying for dinner, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t pay for anything.

office unanimously agreed that stealthily handling the bill removes the awkwardness of the whole check situation—and is also an incredibly smooth move.

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Another staffer suggests inviting your date to an ice cream or some sort of dessert after leaving the restaurant as a nice gesture.

“When you’re done with dinner and you’re waiting for the check and your date says it’s all taken care of—that’s so chic,” remembers one editor. “When your date actually looks like their Tinder photo!

”The chances of a second date If you split the bill, does that mean a second outing is out of the question?

It should not be left to the person who was asked to go on a date to choose the restaurant.

Small details go a long way Even if you don’t pay for dinner on the first date, there are always ways to bring something to the table.

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“I have no problem paying for my part of the bill on a first date if it’s implied, but I will say it’s a big turnoff,” shares one editor.

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