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Gu Hye Sun is a Korean actress, director, writer and musician who was born in Incheon, South Korea on November 9th, 1984.

we all know in countries like Japan & Korea the majority of people put work before everything else, work is the priority, is it could be : the fact that a lot of Koreans still believe money = happiness ?

, being workaholic never take a day off keep drinking = better life ?

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The show was a huge hit with fans and critics alike.

She decided that the upcoming Special Stage would show her where she stood with him.

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,, ( because being in a relationship or marriage = responsibilities and stress ),, let's face it, it's the reality nowadays, you can date or be in a relationship but getting married is almost impossible today, unless you are extremely positive person, we can't even pay for our living as a single which means marriage becomes automatically no option, there are a lot of couples who have children but they are not married, they don't have to get married Maybe becuz they are only one that want marry early? and we know some of their relationship history and their break up, doesn't mean they won't have a happy relationship at the end (in ur definition here a marriage).

Us average people also going through quite few relationships too before finding the one that we want to settle with, maybe not as much as them cuz of limit of social circle but u know what I mean.

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, dating and dating and break ups and don't get married = more happiness maybe ?