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Posted by / 16-Jul-2020 05:00

Stop msn from updating

But there's one problem with app auto-update that may be bothersome to some. App updating in Windows 8.1 works completely differently from the original shipping version of Windows 8.In that release, you could configure Windows Store to automatically download app updates.Then, change the option Automatically Update My Apps to No.If you want your browser to feel a bit more personal, it's easy to customize Internet Explorer.

So while the apps are being updated here and there, you have no idea it's happening.And you can optionally check out the app description to see what changed.To do so, open Windows Store and navigate to Settings, App Updates.But until that happens, you may wish to turn off app auto-updates.If you do, you'll be notified to manually update the apps through the Store tile as before.

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