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As with most complex legal issues, seeking advice from an experienced attorney before taking a first step is always recommended.

Under Virginia Code §20-91, a divorce may be granted based on the fault ground of adultery, or sodomy or buggery committed outside the marriage. Interestingly, adultery may bar support or be considered as a threshold issue in deciding whether to award support, but should not affect the nature, amount or duration of support, which the Virginia Code requires be determined according to the 13 factors set forth in Section 20-107.1(E). Under Virginia Code §20-121, a spouse who has filed for a fault-based divorce in Virginia may move the court to recognize the existence of the grounds for a no fault divorce and grant such a divorce after the required one year period, or six months with no minor children and a written separation agreement.

Choosing between legal separation and a divorce is often a difficult decision.

There are a number of things that you need to be aware of and consider.

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Each county also has a Juvenile & Domestic Relations District Court, which is a lower level court that hears some issues involving juveniles and other family matters. If this happens, the Juvenile court would enter orders addressing the particular issue of support or custody/visitation – and leave it to the parties to later file for divorce in Circuit Court if either party should wish to do so.) which is the kind of divorce that most people think about when they think “divorce.” However, in a bed and board divorce the bonds of matrimony are not fully dissolved in that neither party is permitted to remarry in a divorce Another option is what is referred to as a suit for “separate maintenance.” In such a suit, the spouse filing this action is asking for a court order requiring the other spouse to pay financial support – but For a spouse contemplating a separation (or faced with a spouse who is), the options for moving forward are varied and complex.

Each possible choice has its own particular requirements, as well as pros and cons.

However, before filing for no-fault divorce in Virginia spouses must be separated at least 12 months before filing.

This means you must wait an entire year from your official “date of separation” before filing for divorce.

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If you are claiming that grounds exist and this is the basis for your request for divorce – you can file at any time.

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