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Spirit dating

This is truly a blessing from God, allowing the Pentecostal community to be knitted closer together and helping single brothers and sisters find like-minded Pentecostal Believers in Jesus.

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In the past I would find someone I was attracted to physically, and then try to make a relationship out of it..disastrous consequences.

But with this dating service, I could preview profiles of men and select those I felt compatible with; THEN see if there was an attraction. "Well I've been looking for a relationship for 3 years and having gotten in communication with many many women and dating a handful, I was beginning to wonder if there was anybody out there unmarried who was a match for me.

Surprisingly I got a number of responses right away. Not only is there physical attraction but we are so well aligned that we can't stop smiling and laughing about our find. Thanks to your site, I have found a wonderful being and beautiful woman.

We "fit" so well together in every way we're still pinching ourselves in disbelief, still incredulous over how lucky we are to have found each other. G."I have been looking for a relationship for 4 years, dated a lot.

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Life is suddenly much much brighter - thanks to your create on this project. But this cycle was so different because we saw that we liked the same things had the same goals etc., we went on one date and have not been apart since." - M.

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