Speeddatingaustralia com

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Speeddatingaustralia com

I have a friend who went for speed dating a few years ago because she just moved to Sydney and was keen to meet new people.She met someone there and it became a serious relationship.At least if I go with a girl when I get paired with her we can swap 'intel' on the competition.I haven't heard any stories of people forming a meaningful relationship from speed dating.Apparently the best line used in a study was, "What is your favourite pizza topping", the least effective line was something along the lines of, "I have a degree in computer science".I've been a few times and would recommend it to anyone (fast impressions melbourne) First time I did it, met a great girl and we ended up together for almost a year.I guess I'm just worried about spending to speak to women I clearly wouldn't be interested in and having a crap time.

I have never done it before but I'm a bit apprehensive.I am guessing you are going to support your friend, then this is my advice: Use a Phoney Name like Dr Miracle or Rod Longfellow. I guess you could say the dating game in general is a numbers game so what could it hurt.The 40yr old virgin has a funny speed dating scene, act like that. It's just that the only reports I've heard is that it's 'fun' without much more detail than that.Other times have ended up with fun little 2-3 month things.But even if I hadn't met anyone worth following up with, the nights themselves were fun enough to make it worthwhile.

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Personally I think there's a reason most men steer clear of speed dating, and it's obviously for good reason. I never contacted any of them as I was moving interstate in a few weeks but I'm sure I could have been successful :) Most men out there perceive woman to have this "baggage" whether it really is or isn't there.

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