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The area is also home to 3 species of amphibians, 7 species of reptiles, and 127 varieties of birds (67 species with stable, reproducing populations).

Of these species, 21 are hibernating species and 27 are nomadic.

The municipality has experienced strong population growth in the past fifteen years, eventually reaching 72,265 inhabitants (INE 2014).

Valdemoro's proximity to the capital has favored the demographic and economic development of the area.

Due to the recent population boom, Valdemoro has had to construct new transportation, educational, sanitation, health, and entertainment facilities.

Located 27 kilometers from the capital, Valdemoro is officially part of the comarca of La Sagra, though it is generally also included in the Madrid metropolitan area.

A part of the Continental Mediterranean climate, Valdemoro's temperatures average between 13 °C and 17 °C annually.

Though winters are relatively gentle, the sky remains overcast and the ground frozen from November to April. All precipitation originates over the Atlantic and is heavily influenced by the mountain chains that border the Meseta Central and the anticyclones of the Azores.

The population of Valdemoro is concentrated in the western parts of the municipal district, "along the road that connects Madrid to Aranjuez".

The region is mostly flat, except in the area of the Espartinas hills in the South and the El Espartal farmland in the East.

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