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Speed dating in christchurch

TEC Summit is an opportunity for members to get together and review how the year went and be inspired by industry speakers.

An outline of the Summit afternoon includes: • Networking lunch • Introductions and review of year past • Setting goals for the coming year • Keynote speakers • Networking drinks The TEC Summit and the Xmas Symposium the next day.

"It's something you have to do while you're still young and beautiful… I hoped this encounter wasn't an indication I would be walking into a nest of men with chequered pasts. We had an hour to mingle and it felt like any other social event or party, only this time we had name tags and the rate of flirting and cheeky back and forth glances were turned up a notch.

Drinks were flowing, mini burgers made their way through the crowds, but the majority played it safe, avoiding awkwardly getting food stuck in their teeth. From a quiet group of single strangers we soon became a very, very loud clan of outgoing companions - no doubt the beverages were to thank for that.

He set the boundaries, and said apart from the odd kiss, was simply wined, dined and gifted endless items - including a new Suzuki Swift, designer watches and tuition money. I knew this type of dating existed, but I couldn't shake the feeling of disgust and disbelief.

He told me he was required to accompany rich businesswoman to formal events and social outings. My jaw hit the ground when he said his best friend was gifted a 0,000 Audi, all for pretending to play the role of devoted sugar baby to her long-time sugar 'daddy'.TEC offers its members regular networking events with other young professionals working in the tourism industry, educational workshops and a mentoring and development programme which gives you the most up-to-date tourism information.Regional networking events are usually ‘after 5’s or breakfast events, with some including guest speakers.The event was supported by the Sichuan provincial government education department, which Christchurch Educated has had a growing relationship with since signing a memorandum of understanding in 2014.Christchurch delegates with invite agents at the ‘New Agent seminar’ at the New Zealand Consulate in Guangzhou.

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